Month: November 2009

Snitch & Langford – The Bluetooth Buttplug

Email I received from “a fan”:

“Even though I hate you…I thought you’d like this.  You’re the biggest douche.”

Submitted by: Someone who hates me apparently

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DEFINITION: Working Lunch – Bluetooth In the Whole Time


Not sure what happened to this picture but you can clearly see that this guy takes “working lunches” very seriously, no common courtesy on his end for the lunch partner, never know when the next potential client will be calling.
Location: Texas
Submitted by: @archuleta

Hmmm, which door should I pick at the scrap supply store


I spotted this guy looking at doors at a SCRAP BUILDING SUPPLY STORE!  That’s where the old windows, cabinets, doors and the like go when someone remodels their house.  Apparently this guy isn’t closing enough deals to shop at the Home Depot or Lowes….yet he feels important enough to wear a bluetooth headset AND hold his phone in one hand so technically he’s a “hand free” douchebag, sans the “s” which would make hands plural.
Location: Mesa, AZ
Submitted by: Yours Truly

Larry Pittman from Repossessed on the National Geographic Channel

Larry gets a pass and is on my safe list!


Alright, Larry gets a pass because I actually like this show and the way he runs his business…unlike Lou Pizzaro who’s part of a fake show which entertains some of the dumbest people I’ve encountered by way of their comments on my post about Operation Repo.

What I thought was funny is that Larry ran into his doppelganger on one of his runs.  The mechanic does not get a pass in this case, but Larry does because he actually uses his bluetooth earpiece in a job that requires him to have his hands free…plus he’s just a good guy in general.