Month: September 2009

Keyla the Rapper & The Korean Seinfeld Switcheroo


Apparently she’s some balling rapper (what rapper doesn’t claim that shit though)…getting a pedicure while on her bluetooth.  If she’s smart she’d have a Korean translator on the other end so she can know what kind of shit they’re talking about her, pulling the old Seinfeld switcheroo!

Location:Tampa Bay, FL

Submitted by: @k3yz0

Not Quite a Bluetooth Guy



This one’s pretty funny and I give props to the guy for not giving in and getting a bluetooth despite the fact that he’ll need a chiropractic adjustment every time he takes a conference call at lunch.

Location: Miami, FL

Submitted by: @josuecharry

Shoshana Yossef, Super Jew



We’ve got another case of the Lorenzo Myers effect. That’s where someone uses a bluetooth earpiece picture for their Twitter profile pic.  Let’s hope that @jewnet learns the err of her ways and continues being the self proclaimed “Super-Mum of 5 kids, Super-Orthodox Jewish, Super-Disabled and Super-Humble. Know-all about Jewish and Israeli Media (Tell-All as well)” that she is!

Location: Jerusalem, Israel

Submitted by: @jewnet

Lonely Starbucks Man



Of course you’re sitting by yourself guy, nobody wants to be friends with a bluetooth douchebag!

Location: Columbus, OH

Submitted by: @hownottowrite