Month: August 2009

Hotlanta – *WARNING* This is gross

Another from



I know, I know…I’m sorry.  But this is one of those pictures that even though it makes you cringe…it also makes you feel a little bit better about your current disposition in life.

Who’s he talking to?

Rupaul, he’s asking advice on which path he should take…even Rupaul says to take the bluetooth off.


Dos Gringos Douche – Scottsdale, AZ….of course

The picture may be blurry, but it’s clear that he’s a douche



My sister nabbed this one at Dos Gringos in Scottsdale.  Why does this guy need to pretend he has friends?  He’s obviously at the bar alone…nobody’s showing up guy, just drink your sorrows away because you’ve been stood up yet again when the blind date walked in and saw what a douche you are.


Hello Kitty Bluetooth

Looks like that whole 2012 end of the world thing might have some backing.





What do you get for the kid that already has everything?  Well, if you’re a bluetooth douchebag who’s unfortunately spawned additional mini douchebags then feel free to perpetuate the tradition with these Hello Kitty bluetooth earpieces.

Seriously, WTF.  Who is your 13 year old daughter going to talk to on this thing?  Dora the Explorer?


Via Engadget

Costco Cougar Bluetooth

Another One From BleuTool Secret Agent



Just another twitpic from BlueTool’s collection (he’s my number one Secret Agent).

He definitely scored major points on this Costco sighting.  My favorite is definitely the rhinestone CABO hat, it just screams “I’m on the phone with my travel agent but my outfit is telling you I’m already in Cabo!”

Her son is probably thinking “Yeah guy, I know…at least you don’t have to be seen with her every damn day! Why do you think I’m making her buy me another Wii game?”