Month: July 2009

California Handsfree Law – 2 Videos

As you may know, one of the only places I personally condone use of the bluetooth handsfree earpiece is the car…especially in California where it’s actually the law.

Why is it the law?

Aren’t there a slew of other problems that will arise?

UPDATE: Ironic Twitter Handsfree Douchebag



If there’s anything to be learned from this site, it’s that we all have to be able to laugh at ourselves from time to time and those that are able to do so will live a much happier and fulfilling life.

Lorenzo Myers Redemption

No more than 12 hours after I posted his Twitter profile picture, Lorenzo Myers responded via Twitter by saying “@BTDB I think you have an excellent sense of humor “Peace” Lorenzo.”

I wasn’t expecting a response for a while considering he already has thousands of Twitter followers and I could easily be lost in the shuffle.  Not only did he respond to me but he also changed his profile picture to something displaying less “self importance”

Good Job Lorenzo

You epitomize the good nature in which this site is intended.  I hope everyone that appears on this site can go beyond themselves and take a jab in the good nature it’s intended.

Ironic Twitter Handsfree Douchebag


Here’s what’s funny about this one…he’s one of my twitter followers, and THAT’S the picture he chose for his profile!  I hate to say it Lorenzo Myers, but I don’t think you’re on the phone with anyone, and if you are then you must be EXTREMELY busy if this is the only time you could fit in the perfect snapshot to be the face of your twitter profile.  I bet this guy is rich, he must be if he has to be on the phone 24/7.  Only rich important busy people doing big business deals have to be on the phone that much.

Find more of these on Twitter!

I know I’ve seen these sorts of profile shots before on Twitter.  If anyone comes across any please let me know, let’s call them out!

Blurry HF2 – Scottsdale, AZ – Dilly’s Deli


Scottsdale, AZ – Dilly’s Deli

If you know the area you know that north Scottsdale near the Scottsdale Airpark is a mecca for handsfree homos.  Plenty of business executives and high level employees that need to talk on the phone constantly closing deals…and then there’s this guy.

Who’s he talking to?

His mom, who else.  How do I know?

  1. High pants
  2. Posture
  3. Head tilt
  4. Phone belt clip
  5. Pleated pants

Not bad for a blurry picture!

Hollyweird Hot Dog Stand

hollyweird_hot_dog_bluetoothI literally LOL’d when I saw this one snapped by @MatthewKlekner, THANKS MATTHEW!

The Details

Location: Hollyweird, CA (see the walk of fame in the background?)

Date: 7/22/09

Time: Time for that guy to quit being a C-list celebrity agent

What he ordered:  Giant polish sausage

Agent or Movie Thug?

I can’t decide, he’s dressed like an agent but I SWEAR I’ve seen him play a movie thug of some kind in some random movie…anyone else?  Either way he’s delusional if he thinks he needs his bluetooth while eating at a hot dog stand, and I think he knows it since he doesn’t look too amused that someone is snapping his picture.  Our submitter informed me that he played it off well as if he were taking a picture of his friend…good job Matthew.

Who’s he talking to?

Jean Claude Van Damme’s agency to see if he can play the big burly guy that gets his ass kicked at the end of Jean Claude’s next movie.  His argument is that it requires little to no acting skill and he’ll go down in the 2nd for sure.